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This year, our company celebrates its 68 years!

Founded in Belgium in 1947, by Jean Levooz, the Levooz company was mainly devoted in the making of covers and canvasses for farmers and stallholders.

At the beginning, it was mainly a family structure business.

Later, the manufacturing of the Levooz products evolved more to the open trades, making of canvasses for circus, the covers of trucks and the blinds of stores.

The development of tourism such as it occured towards the end of the Fifties involved the birth of a new market: that of the caravan with its accessories and in particular the awnings .

The manufacturing of caravan and mobile-home awnings went into full expension.

In 1969, Jean-Marie Levooz naturally took over the family business.

Over the years, the Levooz company specialized itself more and more in the fields of the camping and caravaning.

It also totaly devoted itself in the research and know-how of the manufacturing of awnings made to measures (main activity) and of partytents/gardentents and all sorts of canvasses.

Research and studies take into account the needs and requirements of the customers and the market for awnings of an always increasingly luxurious and resistant quality (in particular choice of the round or square profiles/frame which can remain permanently mounted).

In the same manner, Levooz has developped a partytent/gardentent of a very high quality with PVC polyester canvasses and square 50x50mm aluminium anodised profiles as well as a windshield adapted to all climatic conditions.

All of these new products are studied and made with the same care as our awnings for caravan, our featured product.

After making itself wellknowned in the bordering countries to Belgium (France, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany .....), the Levooz company continues its commercial expansion towards Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Spain and England.

At of the beginning of the years 2000, the Levooz company  also invested itself in the manufacturing of closings pergolas of houses and verandas.

The manufacturing of all our Levooz products made reliable by a total automation and computerization enables us to establish our company at the top of the European leaders.